We have a full range of superb primary antibodies all available in cost effective fill sizes of 0.1ml, 0.5ml and 1ml concentrates as well as 1ml, 7ml and 25ml pre-dilutes. Cell Marque antibodies are CE marked and valid for IVD use.


Biotin Strept Aviden Technology

Cell Marque offers the two most reliable detection systems - HRP and Alk Phos, these are based on Biotin Strep Aviden technology; UltraMarque BSA kits are designed to detect both mouse and rabbit antibodies. Ultramarque HRP, BSA Detection System and Chromogens UltraMarque Alk Phos, BSA Detection System and Chromogens.

Non Biotin Polymeric Technology

As in so many areas of technology, progress has been made to produce the UltraMarqueTM PolyScanTM detection system; PolyScanTM uses a non-biotin polymeric technology to detect both mouse and rabbit antibody with minimal antigenic expression.

Positive Controls

Because of the importance of positive controls to validation and more generally to quality control all our controls have been tested for immunoreactivity and presence of the target antigen.

Positive controls are offered as a packages of 5 slides and available for all the antibodies in the range.

Eight reasons to use POLY SCAN in your histology or cytology lab

  • Non Biotin

  • Excellent sensitivity

  • No false positives

  • Detects Mouse & rabbit monoclonal as well as rabbit polyclonal Ab's

  • Detects both IgG and IgM isotypes

  • Uses PeroxFree (non hydrogen peroxide base peroxide block

  • Excellent Stability

  • Competitively Priced


Effective unmasking in order to detect the antigen that is otherwise concealed by the negative effects of formalin fixation has an undeniable and positive impact on the validation process.

The mechanism of these negative effects is not yet completely understood but it is presumed that heating tissue sections in Trilogy causes the break up of the formalin cross-links that are believed to interfere with antigen-antibody binding. The discovery of the benefits of effective unmasking has been a revolutionary step in paving the road to standardization and the establishment of reliable validation procedures.

Trilogy is the most innovative (US Patent 6,649,368 B1) method to standardize preparation of FFPE sections for immunostaining in a single step.

Six great reasons to standardise with TRILOGY™

  • Deparafinizes, rehydrates & unmasks in one step

  • Short, approx 35 min pre treatment time

  • non toxic, non flamable & biodegradable

  • Deparafinizing with heat is more effective than cold solvents

  • Cost effective

  • Standardise protocols giving reproducibility and efficiency



Fontana-Masson staining is used for the demonstration of argentaffin substances such as melanin, argentaffin granules and some neurosecretory granules. Staining patterns may be useful in cases of carcinoid tumors and melanoma.


Argentaffin cells and melanin possess the ability to bind silver from a silver solution and reduce to visible metallic silver without the need for a reducing agent. The Fontana-Masson Stain Kit can be used for frozen or paraffin embedded sections.


  • 30x faster microwave procedure reduces melanin incubation time from 30 minutes to 1 minute.

  • Argentaffin staining incubation time is decreased from 60 minutes to 2 minutes.

  • Standard and microwave method available.

  • Ammoniacal Silver Solution is ready to use immediately upon preparation, no lengthy wait time.

  • Each component is performance tested to provide quality products you can trust.




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