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A Non Invasive test for IBD

CalproLAB is a quantitative ELISA assay for the measurement of increased concentrations of Calprotectin in faeces to detect & diagnose inflammatory activity of the colon.

  • Assess inflammatory activity in IBD

  • Assess mucosal healing in IBD

  • Predict relapse in IBD

  • Differentiate between IBD and IBS

Reasons to use CalproLAB Calprotectin assay

  • Non Invasive

  • ELISA format

  • Fecal sample

  • Correlates to ILL

  • More specific than CRP

  • Cost effective

Calprotectin is a neutrophil protein which is extremely stable, abundant and can be used to differentiate between IBD and IBS.

This EIA assay can be carried out using only 100mg of stool in a sample extract buffer making both sample acquisition and processing acceptable to patients and Laboratory staff alike. It has also been reported by users that waiting lists for Colonoscopies can be reduced by up to 30% when the CalproLAB Calprotectin test is used for screening patients.